Digital Emotes: Aaron Tate creates artworks that provide a visual reflection of your current emotional state

Using​ ​Biofeedback​ ​and​ ​Facial​ ​Tracking​ Te to Abstract Emotions.

See an example of the artists brain creating art:


At a time like this provocative ideas may have traction. Aaron Tate, a member of our ArtSciLab ‘village” built a system that create artworks live that use your own brain data to create an artistic emulation.

In his 2018 Master’s Thesis, Aaron Tate details his project to “create​​ an artistic ​visualization ​​that ​​would ​​use both electroencephalogram ​and ​​facial ​​tracking technologies ​​as ​​input​​ devices driving creative compositions in a digital interface. ” Taking influences form data visualization, cognitive science, art, and aesthetics, Digital Emotes is an interesting look at the integration of artistic visualization and neuroimaging to produce a visual reflection of current emotional state.

You can download his whole thesis at:

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