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Enabling: The Work of Minimaforms

    A full-colour publication documenting the projects in this exhibition (27 February to 19 March 2010) includes contributions from Stelarc, David Greene, Krzysztof Wodiczko, Brett Steele, Bronac Ferran, Andrew Benjamin, Marie-Ange Brayer and Roger F Malina.


Preface by Roger Malina

    written for the illustrated limited edition on George Boole’s “Derivation of the Laws. . .”, the 3rd Chapter of Boole’s 1847 classic on the Laws of Thought. Written in 1989-90. This preface identifies issues raised by generative art and the evolution of computers that have changed the face of our culture. Malina’s observations demonstrate his ability to provide keen insights into emerging futures in the intersection between culture, technology and the sciences.

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