1. Roger,

    I am preparing a law journal publication on the intersect of archives and legal scholarship as they specifically relate to the early aerospace era. In this publication I highlight the contributions to aerospace law made by Andrew G. Haley, a close friend and colleague of your father Frank Malina. Some of the material I am intending to publish is correspondence, private letters, of Frank Malina to Haley. I have also found some documents Frank Malina created related to his role in founding the Aerojet General Corp.
    I am specifically interested in permission to publish the content created by Frank Malina. The publishing law journal also houses the Andrew G. Haley archive and so will resolve issues of copyright related to Haley.
    All of the materials I am seeking to publish were obtained from the U.S. Library of Congress collection of Frank Malina. If you like, I would be happy to send you copies of these documents for your review. The LoC and CalTech instructed me to contact you for permission to publish.

    I can be reached at ryan.noble@spaceportamerica.com or 513.646.1260.

    Best Regards,

    Ryan T. Noble

    General Counsel
    New Mexico Spaceport Authority
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