Reference List: The case for art-science collaboration in cog sciences as a benefit to science and engineering

Click HERE for a draft of the scientific reference list related to art and cognitive/neuroscience. The list also includes links to reports and general references in the art/sci field

ART SCIENCE QUOTES Compiled by Amy Ione, Roger Malina, and Robert Root-Bernstein

List as of Aug 29 2010 We are compiling quotes from (preferably living) famous scientists and research engineers that articulate the case why scientists collaborations with the arts and humanities are beneficial to science and engineering. Send contributions to Amy Ione at amy.ione.2 [at] gmail [dot] com. The list is HERE.

Wellcome’s evauation of their SciArt Funding program (1996-2006)

From Amy Ione: The Wellcome Trust has a summary and a full report of their SciArt funding program at their page: FYI, the program ran from 1996-2006. Briefly, they funded 124 projects, considered the program valuable, said it had more impact on the arts than the sciences.  They have since moved the ArtSci program …

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