Editorial: L|R|Q – Leonardo Reviews Quarterly, No. 2

Big Data, Citizen Science and the Death of the University by Roger Malina As Michael Punt mentions in his editorial in this issue of L|R|Q, a number of commentators have been recently discussing the topic of “big data”, noting the transition that many disciplines are seeing from an age of data scarcity to an age …

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Lecture posted: Frank J. Malina and Gyorgy Kepes

Here is the Keynote Lecture from “The Pleasure of Light exhibition and conference, a collaboration between the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Collegium Budapest, Institute for Advanced Study, The French Institute Budapest and the Ludwig Museum- Museum of Contemporary Art, Budapest. The exhibition and conference presents the pioneering interdisciplinary concepts of György Kepes and Frank J. …

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ART SCIENCE QUOTES Compiled by Amy Ione, Roger Malina, and Robert Root-Bernstein

List as of Aug 29 2010 We are compiling quotes from (preferably living) famous scientists and research engineers that articulate the case why scientists collaborations with the arts and humanities are beneficial to science and engineering. Send contributions to Amy Ione at amy.ione.2 [at] gmail [dot] com. The list is HERE.

Call for proposals for Leonardo Session at 2012 US college art association

FROM INCOMING LEAF CHAIR PATRICIA OLYNYK Dear Colleagues, The Leonardo Art and Education Forum (LEAF) is seeking proposals for the CAA 2012 two-and-one half hour session in connection with its Annual Conference, to be held February 22–25 in Los Angeles in 2012. (The date is correct – CAA plans well ahead for this.) The deadline …

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Abstract: Making Reality Really Real Conference

Consciousness Reframed 11 | Trondheim, November 4-6, 2010, More information Earth, Wind, Water, Fire, Quintessence, Data: The Art and Science of Data Gathering in Moist Reality Roger F Malina Director Observatoire Astronomique de Marseille Provence We live in the petabyte era, with instruments everywhere generating large and growing volumes of data. Many of these instruments …

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Wellcome’s evauation of their SciArt Funding program (1996-2006)

From Amy Ione: The Wellcome Trust has a summary and a full report of their SciArt funding program at their page:  http://www.wellcome.ac.uk/About-us/Publications/Reports/Public-engagement/Sciart-evaluation-report/index.htm FYI, the program ran from 1996-2006. Briefly, they funded 124 projects, considered the program valuable, said it had more impact on the arts than the sciences.  They have since moved the ArtSci program …

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Ann: New MA Program in the Humanities (Manipal University)

Leonardo Editorial Advisor Sundar Sarukkai informs us of this new interesting MA that he has set up.  It is a new interdisciplinary MA course which integrates philosophy, social sciences and the arts. The subjects in this course are all unique and fun! Please see the site for some details on this: http://www.manipal.edu/Institutions/UniversityDepartments/MCPHManipal/Courses/MAinHumanities/Pages/CourseStructure.aspx

Interview of Roger Malina by Mark Peljhan April 17 2008

MP: Could you explain us the history and the main visions behind the Leonardo Organisation and its Publications , such as the Leonardo Journal, now celebrating its 40th anniversary. ? RM: The Leonardo organization was founded by a group of artists and researchers who were interested in promoting new kinds of contact between artists and …

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